How MachineRx Works

Asset Management Simplified

When designing MachineRx, we had one goal in mind: to empower fleet and equipment managers by simplifying maintenance, improving asset service life, and proactively preventing downtime.

Tapping into the power of MachineRx requires a near-effortless plug, sync, and play approach. Here’s how it works.

Plug and Pair
  • First, connect the LTE Edge Device on the roof or high on a cab to ensure that it has a clear view of the sky.
  • Next, route the provided cabling from the LTE Edge Device to your machine’s J1939 diagnostic port.

We also offer a J1939 9-pin splitter cable that allows you to gather diagnostic data from your vehicle while maintaining MachineRx connectivity.

Data Gathering and Transmission

Once you install and sync your LTE Edge Device with your user-facing interface, you’re ready to start gathering data.

As long as the LTE Edge Device has a clear view of the sky, it can relay information from your off-highway machinery. You’ll be able to monitor a wide range of performance data, including fuel consumption, efficiency, usage, and productivity.

Communicate With Ease

With MachineRx, you can easily generate performance reports and send them to maintenance personnel. You’ll even be able to customize each report based on machine, time frame, and data points to make the information digestible and relevant for the recipient.

Optimize Cost-Efficiency

MachineRx is incredibly cost-efficient, especially when implemented at scale. Additionally, you’ll enjoy long-term cost savings by identifying asset deficiencies sooner. When something goes wrong with one of your assets, you’ll know about it and have ample opportunity to remedy the problem before it results in costly downtime.


MachineRx: Simplify Asset Management Online

As a MachineRx user, you’ll have the advantage of utilizing our web-based platform, easily accessible through any browser. This eliminates the need for a dedicated mobile app, offering a seamless experience directly from your web browser. Compatible with any off-highway machinery equipped with a J1939 diagnostics port, MachineRx streamlines asset management into a proactive, efficient, and cost-effective process, ensuring your machinery operates at its best.

For any inquiries or support, our team is ready to assist, ensuring hassle-free management of your assets.

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