Yes, TruckRx is designed for user-friendliness. Connecting your smartphone to the diagnostic port is a seamless process, and the interface is intuitive for efficient navigation.

TruckRx offers comprehensive insights into your truck’s performance, including diagnostics, fuel efficiency, and preventive measures to avoid potential issues.

Absolutely. TruckRx caters to the needs of small fleets, providing them with the same level of control and efficiency as owners/operators.

For owners/operators, TruckRx provides enhanced control over their trucks. It minimizes downtime, reduces operational costs, and boosts productivity through intelligent diagnostics.

TruckRx is a cutting-edge service by IDS Rx that enables on-highway truck diagnostics. It connects your smartphone to the truck’s diagnostic port via Bluetooth, offering real-time insights and control.


Discover answers to common questions about TruckRx, our service designed for owners/operators and small fleets. Connect your smartphone to your on-highway truck diagnostic port via Bluetooth for efficient monitoring and diagnostics.


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