About IDS

Our Vision

Our journey is fueled by a passion for innovation, a commitment to quality, and a vision of transforming how businesses manage and optimize their assets. Join us in this exciting adventure as we redefine connectivity and empower businesses to reach new heights of efficiency and success.

The Past

Originating from the renowned IPD, a stalwart in crafting high-quality engine parts for diesel and natural gas engines since 1955, IDS was conceived from a deep understanding of the industry’s needs.

The Present

Our story begins with a commitment to excellence. Listening attentively to our valued customers, we recognized a gap in the market for services that seamlessly and intelligently connect assets to the cloud. While many services claimed to offer connectivity, none delivered a truly outstanding solution.

The Future

In response to this, IDS was established with a clear mission: to provide unparalleled connectivity solutions that cut through the complexity.

We currently specialize in two core services:


Geared towards owner-operators and small fleets, TruckRx transforms the landscape of on-highway truck diagnostics. Connect the TRX-Link to the diagnostic port and pair it via Bluetooth® to the free TruckRx app on your smartphone. Connecting the TRX-Link device to your asset and pairing with your smartphone will empower users to understand the engine’s performance, minimize downtime, reduce costs, and enhance productivity.

Ten stars

If TruckRx had a star system I would give it 10 stars. Super easy to use and customer friendly that offers a tremendous amount of data.

IDS Customer


Catering to off-highway machines, MachineRx takes asset management to new heights. This telematics solution connects your assets to the cloud and provides near real-time monitoring of productivity, usage, fuel consumption, efficiency, and predictive failure technology. MachineRx not only optimizes performance but also prevents costly downtimes.

What Sets Us Apart

What sets us apart is our unwavering commitment to simplicity and intelligence. We understand that effective connectivity should enhance your operations without adding unnecessary complexity. IDS is the answer, providing a streamlined and intelligent bridge between asset owners, operators, managers, and service channels.

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