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There’s never been an easier way to unlock the full potential of your on-highway trucks. TruckRx is a simple Bluetooth enabled device that plugs into the diagnostic port on your truck and communicates with the free TruckRx App. With functionality and benefits geared towards owner-operators and small fleets, TruckRx ensures you stay on top of your truck’s health, preventing unexpected downtime.

Ten stars

If TruckRx had a star system I would give it 10 stars. Super easy to use and customer friendly that offers a tremendous amount of data.

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Take control of your off-highway machines with MachineRx. MachineRx, a telematics solution, enables equipment owners and operators to know within minutes when an engine experiences a fault. Fault severity and details are made available on the MachineRx user portal. MachineRx empowers you to prevent downtime and make data-driven decisions. Whether you operate in construction, agriculture, or other industries, MachineRx is your partner for optimizing machine performance

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