TruckRx: Boosting Your Fleet's Performance

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The TruckRx app is available for download on Google Play and on the App Store.

Dealer Level Diagnostic Tool On Your Cell Phone

Elevate productivity, reduce costs, and prevent downtime with TruckRx—a comprehensive solution for heavy-duty trucks. Tailored for Owner Operators, Fleet Manager, Service Managers, and Engine Rebuilders.

Optimize your fleet's performance for maximum output.

Leverage insights to enhance fuel efficiency and minimize costs.

Stay ahead by identifying potential issues before they lead to downtime.

Enjoy a seamless experience with an easy-to-use interface.

Simple Interface, Essential Features, And Assistance For Owners And Operators

  • Start your engines
  • Connect to TRX-LINK
  • Open the TruckRx mobile app
  • Send diagnostics to service tech

Key Features:

  • Fault Code Scanner Diagnostic Tool: Compatible with all makes and models of heavy-duty trucks with DPF regen capability.
  • Access to Repair Information: Stay informed with comprehensive repair information.
  • iOS & Android Compatible: Flexibility to use on both major mobile platforms.

Functionality Highlights:

  • Initiate Forced DPF Regen: Ensure your truck’s DPF stays clean and functional.
  • Scan, Read, and Clear Fault Codes: Effortlessly manage and troubleshoot issues.
  • Detailed Reports: Easily share diagnostic reports with service providers via the TruckRx mobile app.
  • Monitoring and Analysis: Keep track of your vehicles/equipment, identify trends, and predict potential failures.
  • Fuel Consumption Analysis: Optimize fuel efficiency by analyzing consumption data.
  • J1939 Diagnostic Port Compatibility: Communicates with all devices connected to the J1939 diagnostic port, including engine ECU, transmission TCU, and others.
  • Parts Requirement Analysis: Understand engine problems and determine necessary parts for equipment repair.

TruckRx is not just a diagnostic tool; it’s a comprehensive diagnostic solution for modern fleet management. Take control of your fleet and ensure it operates at its peak with TruckRx.

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about TruckRx? Check out our full list of frequently asked questions for more information. If you still have questions, please get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to answer.

What does TruckRx do?

TruckRx, using the TRX-Link and the free TruckRx app, provides a glimpse into your vehicle’s engine and systems. Available data includes, but is not limited to, Fault Codes, VIN Information, Component Information, Vehicle Data, Trip Data, and Driver Productivity information.

Do I need a subscription to use the app?

No, a subscription is NOT necessary to use the app. You do have the ability to upgrade to a subscription service which provides access to advanced diagnosis and troubleshooting/repair information.

Does the TruckRx App cost anything?

No, the TruckRx app is free to download from the Google Play or Apple Store. You pay for the device and there aren’t any other fees. It pays for itself in one saved tow or dealer diagnostic visit.

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