How It Works

Simplifying Fleet Management

Transform your truck’s maintenance with the innovative TRX-Link device – simplifying diagnostics and communication for a smarter, more cost-effective operation.

Plug and Pair
  • Connect the TRX-Link device to your truck’s diagnostic port.
  • Effortlessly pair via Bluetooth® to the free TruckRx by IDS app on your smartphone.
Data Transmission

TruckRx efficiently sends fault codes and pertinent information directly to your smartphone.


Generate and send email detailed reports to service providers via the TruckRx mobile app.


Experience cost savings equivalent to a single tow or dealer diagnostic visit.

Get The TRX-Link Device

Click the button or scan the QR code to get the TRX-Link device.

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Maximizing TruckRx for Optimal Fleet Management

Monitor equipment performance to identify trends and predict potential failures.

Track fuel consumption and optimize usage and reduce costs.

Identify meaningful changes in engine operating parameters and diagnostic codes before they lead to issues or failures.

Better understand engine problems to help identify required parts and streamline any necessary repairs.

Free TruckRx App

Download the TruckRx app for free on Google Play and the App Store. Suitable for all makes and models of 2006 and newer heavy-duty trucks.

Quick Start Guide

Getting Started Made Simple
  • 1
    Getting Started Made Simple
  • 2
    Permissions and Bluetooth

    Grant necessary permissions and ensure Bluetooth is enabled on your phone.

  • 3
    Device Connection
    • Plug in the TRX-Link device
    • Tap Connect in the app
    • Choose your device
  • 4
    Settings and User Manual

    Visit Settings to read the full User Manual for comprehensive guidance.

Need Assistance?

For any queries or support needs, reach out to the TruckRx Support Team.

With TruckRx, fleet management becomes a streamlined, proactive, and cost-effective process, ensuring your vehicles operate at their peak performance.

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