Monitor, Gather, and Relay Important Data

Industrial Digital Solutions (IDS) and our parent company, Industrial Parts Depot (IPD), are committed to keeping fleets and industrial machinery up and running by providing high-quality parts and technologies. However, we realized that the reactive maintenance approach just wasn’t cutting it.

We wanted to devise a way to minimize the risk of breakdowns and prevent unplanned downtime before it impacted our clients. Enter MachineRx, the solution you need to reduce costs, improve efficiency, and keep the wheels turning on mission-critical equipment.


What Is MachineRx?

MachineRx is a telematics solution that monitors, gathers, and relays important data from the assets in your fleet. There are four links in the MachineRx information chain:

  • The asset
  • The MachineRx edge device
  • The secure cloud
  • The user-friendly interface

Once installed, the MachineRx edge device monitors the data bus for important data about your asset in near real-time and sends it to your interface. This allows you to track details about machine productivity including idle time, fuel consumption, and more.

You will no longer have to wonder whether your machines are getting the job done. With MachineRx, you will know.

How Does MachineRx Work?

MachineRx is a powerful tool intended to assist equipment and fleet owners, fleet maintenance coordinators, and others who work to maintain and keep equipment running. First, we connect the MachineRx edge device to your asset. This on-board device will communicate with the control units on your machine’s data bus and keep an eye on how they are performing.

Next, the data is packaged and securely transmitted to the cloud. When you need to check on your assets, simply log into your MachineRx interface and find everything from DTCs, to location to fuel consumption, engine hours, and more.

Like a doctor examines a patient during a physical, MachineRx checks up on your equipment to make sure it’s functioning as it should. The key difference is that MachineRx is checking up on your machine whenever it is running.

Key Features of MachineRx

At IDS, we believe in giving our clients the most bang for their buck. That’s why we’ve packed MachineRx with valuable features that facilitate the following:

Continuous Monitoring

MachineRx offers continuous monitoring, providing data on every aspect of your machinery and fleet vehicles. Whether it’s location tracking, fuel usage, or operational status, MachineRx keeps you informed and in control.

Less Fuel Waste

With detailed insights into fuel data, MachineRx helps you identify and reduce unnecessary fuel consumption. At the asset level, this is meaningful. When implemented across your entire fleet, the benefit to your bottom line is significant.

More Operating Time

Fleet managers hate surprises, especially when they lead to missed opportunities and lost revenue. With MachineRx, you can prevent unexpected downtimes and other unwanted surprises.

Better Productivity

Near real-time data and analytics empower you to optimize usage and streamline operations. MachineRx helps you with the tools to make data-driven decisions, boosting overall productivity.

Why Work With Us?

Industrial Digital Solutions and our MachineRx platform can remove growth obstacles and empower your business with tangible benefits. The MachineRx platform provides a plethora of benefits, including the following:

Once you implement MachineRx, you’ll realize cost savings on multiple fronts. In terms of fuel consumption, you’ll be able to identify and address sources of fuel waste, providing significant savings.

Efficiency is the name of the game, especially in competitive sectors like construction and manufacturing. MachineRx helps you stay ahead of maintenance issues and track the efficiency of every asset. With MachineRx, you’ll have the insights necessary to maximize resource utilization and keep your assets in the field.

Missed deadlines and equipment failures can tarnish your reputation. With MachineRx, you can retake control of your brand image, keep clients happy, and stay on track to hit performance objectives. When your customers are satisfied, everyone wins.

Ready To Get Started?

Old-school fleet and asset maintenance strategies don’t cut it in today’s business environment. MachineRx gives you an edge with fleet management and empowers decision-making, ensuring you have the resources to seize every opportunity that comes your way.

Are you ready to learn more about MachineRx and the wealth of benefits it provides? If so, connect with IDS and book a demo today. Make sure to ask about our complementary solution for fleet vehicles, TruckRx.

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